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Dark Destinations

The online travel guide to the mysterious and macabre.

Dark Destinations is the first user-driven database for the complete range of macabre locations and events all over the globe. Use it to plan trips, show other folks horrific places you have been, write about your favorite dark parts of the world or simply just be entertained by reading the entries.

Dark Destinations is part of The Cabinet, one of the oldest horror web sites on the Internet. This journal is maintained by the two primary people behind Dark Destinations; Casey Hopkins and Tom Gleason. After the positive response we've had to our blog at other web sites (particularly MySpace), we've decided to expand our readership by bringing the blog to Live Journal as well.

Most of our blogs are based around historical anniversaries, current and seasonal events. They all tie into locations around the Earth that have some sort of macabre nature whether it be a light hearted Halloween festival or a truly horrible and bloody moment of recorded history.

We aren't a travel agency. We aren't paranormal investigators. We can't set up your trip for you. We aren't here to locate spirits in your home (or exorcise them for that matter). We write and maintain a free online travel guide and seek to inform as well as entertain our readers.

If we've added you as a friend, it is because you are listed on LJ as having a similar interest and we're looking to make new friends here. If you aren't interested, then let us know and we'll have you removed from our list. If, however, you like what you see/read, please feel free to recommend our journal to any friends with similar interests. We'd like to get some conversations going on here and have some fun.